The roots of the Public Relations Association of Mississippi extend back to 1956 when communications professionals in Jackson formed what is now the Central chapter of the association. PRAM expanded beyond Jackson in 1978 with the establishment of the Golden Triangle chapter in Columbus and again in 1981 with the formation of the Gulf Coast chapter in Pascagoula. Today, the association has 10 chapters.

In the 1960s, PRAM began co-sponsoring an annual Southern Public Relations Conference with the Public Relations Council of Alabama. At the 10th annual conference in 1973, PRAM and PRCA, with representatives from Louisiana and Florida, officially created the Southern Public Relations Federation. PRAM member Neal W. Cirlot, of Jackson, was elected as the inaugural chairman of the board. Mississippi delegates appointed to the board were Louise Risher, Orby Patton, Bob Sharman and William G. Taylor (alternate).

SPRF, along with eight other regional and national public relations organizations, is a participating member of the Universal Accreditation Board (UAB), the national body which administers the Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) mark.




Amanda Parker; Gulf Coast

Vice President- Programs

Matt Martin, APR; Pine Belt

Vice President- Awards

Leah Barbour; Starkville/MSU

Vice President- Communications

Diane Godwin, APR; Starkville/MSU

Vice President- Accreditation

Christian Patterson, APR+M; Central

Vice President- Student Services

Matt Westerfield, APR; Central


Leah Robinson, APR; Central


Robin McKinney; Northeast

Member At-Large

Anne Pitre; Mississippi Beach


Patrice Guilfoyle, APR; Central

SPRF Representatives

Patti Wade, APR; Central

Christen Duhé, APR; Mississippi Beach

Rob Pettit; Central




2022 – Amanda Parker; Gulf Coast

2020/21 – Patrice Guilfoyle, APR; Central

2019 – Christen Duhé, APR; Mississippi Beach

2018 – Patti Wade, APR; Central

2017 – Jennie Bradford Curlee; Northeast

2016 – Lorri Freeman, APR; Gulf Coast

2015 – Jim Beaguez, APR; Central

2014 – Shannon Coker, APR; Central

2013 – Melissa Russo; Mississippi Beach

2012 – Meagan Coughlin, APR; Golden Triangle

2011 – Kristie Aylett, APR; Mississippi Beach & Gulf Coast

2010 – Caron Blanton, APR; Central

2009 – Pete Smith; Central

2008 – Jarrod Ravencraft; Central

2007 – Pam Swain; Oxford/Ole Miss

2006 – Mary Cracchiolo-Spain, APR; Mississippi Beach

2005 – Chrystelle Thames; Central

2004 – Kim Collins APR; Northeast

2003 – Tracy (Heggins) Yanez, APR; Mississippi Beach

2002 – Robbie Coblentz; Starkville/Mississippi State

2001 – Robby Channell; Central

2000 – Dana Coleman; Pine Belt

1999 – Sheila Skipper; Central

1998 – Danny Gardner; Starkville/Mississippi State

1996/7 – Rex Kelly; Mississippi Beach

1995 – Alegra Brigham; Golden Triangle

1994 – Norman Gough; Central

1993 – Dr. John E. Forde, APR; Starkville/Mississippi State


All PRAM Board Members are sworn in using the speech below.

As members of the Public Relations Association of Mississippi, a confidence has been placed in your integrity and ability by your election to these respective offices.

Please raise your right hands and respond with Yes as confirmation:

Are you willing to accept the office to which you have been elected?

Will you perform the duties of your elected position to the best of your abilities?

Will you, in all your actions, strive for the good of the Public Relations Association of Mississippi and the public relations profession?

Now, repeat after me:

I will uphold and enforce

  the association’s constitution and bylaws,

  and will promote and support

  the purpose of the association,

  and follow the code of ethics

  adopted by the association.

You may lower your hands.

I now install each of you into the office to which you were elected.