Students have a plethora of opportunities at their fingertips. Often they wonder which door to open and at what time and PRAM is a great place to start! PRAM opens many doors in succession for involved students. It begins with membership and networking opportunities which brings internship possibilities, job contacts, and culminates with a PRism Award or the Student of the Year designation. Student members receive all the benefits (often at a discount) that professional members receive. Many of our local chapters offer discounted dues and luncheon fees for students. Some even have a designated board member devoted to student needs.

Student members (and professional members) are also members of the Southern Public Relations Federation – consisting of Public Relations organizations in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and portions of Florida.

Develop your professional skills among seasoned practitioners at local monthly meetings, at the annual PRAM conference, and the annual SPRF conference. Turn service to PRAM into a class project for academic credit. Win a PRism award for a class or volunteer project. Start a PRAM chapter at your school. Spend a day shadowing a PR practitioner. And much, much more!