apr_logoThe Accreditation in Public Relations designation is a mark of distinction for public relations professionals. Those working towards the designation demonstrate their commitment to the profession and its ethical practice. In order to meet the requirements to become accredited, one must demonstrate a broad knowledge of the field of public relations, a strategic perspective and sound professional judgment.

Members of the Public Relations Association of Mississippi can pursue this international certification, thanks to PRAM’s ties to the Southern Public Relations Federation and its affiliation with the Universal Accreditation Board. Join the 5,000 PR professional who have earned the mark of distinction, Accredited in Public Relations.

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PRAM members who hold the Accredited in Public Relations credential:

Kristie Aylett, APR, Fellow PRSA

Erin Barham, APR

Ron Barnes, APR

Sandi Beason, APR

Jim Beaugez, APR

Caron Blanton, APR

Julie Boles, APR

Alana Bowman, APR

Nicole Bradshaw, APR

Kurt Brautigam, APR

Celeste Cade, APR

Susan Christensen, APR

Shannon Coker, APR

Kim Collins, APR

Jean Cook, APR

Mary Cracchiolo-Spain, APR

Christen Duhe, APR

Sonya Edwards, APR

Judy Ferguson, APR

Michael Flood, APR

John Forde, Ph.D, APR, Fellow PRSA

Lorri Freeman, APR

Erin Garrett, APR

Diane Godwin, APR

Patrice Guilfoyle, APR

Vicki Harper-Blake, APR

Lisa Hathorn, APR

Mara Hartmann, APR

Checky Herrington, APR, Fellow PRSA

Elaina Jackson, APR

April Lollar, APR

Samantha McCain, APR

Lil McKinnon-Hicks, APR

Christian Patterson, APR

Kara Paulk, APR

Douglas Perret Star, Ph.D., APR

Wendy Polk, APR

Wendy Powell, APR

Donna Ritchey, APR

Kathryn Rodenmeyer, APR

Kassi Rushing, APR

Shirley Walker Rutland, APR

Charmaine Williams Schmermund, APR

Philip Shirley, APR

Lisa Shoemaker, APR

Meagan Shurden, APR

Sheila Skipper, APR

Yvonne Sorge, APR

Leighton Spann, APR

Karen Stanley, APR

Lea Ivey Stone, APR

Robin Street, APR

Mary Margaret Turner, APR

Patti Wade, APR

Macaulay Whitaker, APR

Tracy Yanez, APR


Whether you are a candidate for APR, APR+M or the Certificate in Principles of Public Relations, the following resources can help you achieve your goal. NOTE: All links referred to below will take you off the PRAM website and over to the accreditation site. 

APR Candidates

APR+M Candidates

Certificate in Principles of Public Relations